Kinly started as a vision of intermingling the pre-loved fashions of yesterday with the experiences we have today.  Built on a friendship filled with an abundance of respect for vintage fashions that inspire us, Kinly proudly presents Vintage Finds and Modern Handmades by local artists. We work hard to locate apparel through 
our travels that appeal to our Kinly style and vision. Additionally, our Modern Handmades also adhere to our Kinly ideals and supports artists in our community.

Kinly Vintage Finds and Modern Handmades are participants in the Patchwork Fairs and other local shows in Southern California. Although the passion in finding the balance between vintage and modern has grown, our first love is helping people. Our careers in the medical field keep us in the community and we use this as inspiration for Kinly to grow. Kinly rooted us in a place where we can share the facets of creativity, love and laughter ~ qualities that many of you have shared with us.